Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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Google Chromecast: How to Get Started?

Gone are the days when we needed to pick up the remote control to access the desired channels. Things have changed since then. When you use the new Chromecast streaming stick to watch TV, based on its knowledge, it tries to find out the content that matches you, or you may want to watch.

You need to follow these steps before you get started:

  1. Once you plug in the streaming stick on the back of your TV, you need to press and hold down two buttons on your remote control.
  2. Open the Google Home app and log in and enter your home address where you use Chromecast.
  3. This lets the application access the location of your smartphone, which makes it easier to find the nearby Chromecast.
  4. You need to then provide access to your device’s camera to the Google Home app, so as to scan the barcode appearing on the screen. This links the Google Home app with the Chromecast hardware.
  5. You need to agree with the Google privacy policy via agreement and then specify where your Chromecast is located.
  6. Then connect your Chromecast to the Wi-Fi network.
  7. Meanwhile, you will be presented with an option for sharing additional information with Google so as to help it improve its services and product related to it.
  8. Google would then ask you to record some voice samples. These voice samples are required to let the virtual assistant recognize your voice.
  9. Then you can pick your favorite streaming apps, like Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube TV.

Google states that the information provided by you helps it in showing you the personalized information and recommendations. Rest assured, the information given by you is for this purpose only. To help you find the related content is the only aim of Google.

Google says that the setup process with the help of Google Home app is a shortcut with which you can easily skip the manual entering of all your information and your password with a remote. The access which you grant regarding the camera and location is the security requirement of the setup process.

Generally, users pick from thousands of movies and TV shows, and it is always a challenging task to get satisfied with whatever a user chooses for himself. Chromecast here helps in accessing content that would be best suited for you. It also offers various recommendations of its own that you might want to watch.


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